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Housekeeping Info Sheet

These are some housekeeping items that are specific for our property at 689 Flatwoods Forest Loop.  Please reference this information in addition to the normal cleaning steps when performing housekeeping in preparation for new guests.

  1. Extra linens are now stored in the closet inside the large upstairs hall bathroom.  The key for this closet is hanging inside the owner's closet (left side of door frame)

  2. Hang a hand towel and washcloth over towel rods in all bathrooms

  3. NEW! Ensure one BLACK Makeup towel is provided in each FULL bathroom (see picture below)

  4. Provide a soap, shampoo and conditioner for each sink in full bathrooms.  Provide only soap in half bathrooms. Provide 3 dishwasher packs and 2 laundry packs.  Fill kitchen soap dispenser with clear Dawn soap.

  5. Return decorative items to tabletops if necessary.  Doesn't have to be perfect but most tables should have something on them.  See inspiration pictures below.

  6. Welcome kit should be neatly and left on kitchen island (see picture below).  Kit should include: House Info Folder, Gift Towel, 4 Keurig pods, gift/toy (all in owner's closet) as well as a pool keycard, and golf cart key.  Report missing keycard or golf cart key to owners immediately.

  7. Beach Towel basket should contain 8 clean towels, folded and rolled up.  If any towels are missing or unwashed, report to owener.

  8. Look in the garage (code 4180) to make sure the golf cart is parked there.  Key should be removed and placed in the Welcome Kit.  Remove any trash or personal items left on it and wipe off seat if it is dirty.  If the cart is left very dirty, please report to owner.  If anything is broken, please report to owner with pictures.

  9. Make sure straps on trash cans are attached to ensure bears and raccoons cannot get into the trash.  Trash cans should be left inside the corral.  If there is too much trash to fit in bins, please try to take extra trash with you.

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